Housing Court Advisory Council

Housing Court judges are appointed by Chief Administrative Judge Gail Prudenti  with the assistance of the Housing Court Advisory Council. The members of the Council conduct initial screenings and interviews of applicants and submit a list of approved candidates to the Chief Administrative Judge. The members of the Council are appointed by the Chief Administrative Judge. The current members are:

Paris Baldacci, Esq.
Joseph Rosenberg, Esq.

Bar Associations
Carlos Perez-Hall, Esq.
one vacancy

Tenants’ Organizations
Brent Meltzer, Esq.
John Witlow, Esq.
Tracey A. Bing, Esq.

Civic Group
Pamela Palanque North
Cy Richardson

Real Estate Industry
David A. Gallo, Esq.
Mitchell L. Posilkin, Esq.

NYCHA Representative
Kelly MacNeal, Esq.

Governor’s Representative
Gary R. Connor, Esq.

Mayor’s Representative
Harold Weinberg, Esq.