Housing Court Comment Form

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the form below. If you have further questions about your housing court case, call Housing Court Answers Hotline: (212) 962-4795 or visit our Information Table in your local Housing Court.

Please complete the form below if you would like us to pursue a complaint you have about a judge or other court personnel. We will read your complaint and evaluate it. We can then request and listen to the audio recording of your case. If we think that the judge or other court employee acted inappropriately, we will submit a complaint to the supervising judge, the administrative judge and the Housing Court Advisory Council. Please keep in mind that complaints need to reveal one of the following: improper demeanor, bias, ex parte communication, or conflict of interest (see below). This is NOT a good place to complain about a judge’s decision in your case. If you are not satisfied with the judge’s decision, you must appeal the decision or ask the judge to reconsider. For help with this process, visit the court’s Help Center.

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Check here if you think Housing Court Answers staff should obtain a copy of the court audio recording of the proceeding to listen to the incident. (Leave the box unchecked if you think this would not be helpful.)
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If the person indicated above was a judge or court attorney, what was the nature of this person’s misbehavior?
The judge’s or court attorney’s behavior was impatient or undignified (improper demeanor).
The judge or court attorney showed improper favor to one side (bias).
The judge or court attorney spoke about the case with one side when the other side was not present (ex parte communication).
The judge or court attorney has an outside relationship with one side in the case (conflict of interest).
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Housing Court Answers should not submit the complaint but closely monitor the judge or court personnel indicated.