NYCHA Grievances

What is a NYCHA Grievance?

A grievance is the mechanism NYCHA tenants can use to formally challenge an action or lack of action taken by NYCHA.  The grievance procedure involves a series or written requests and hearings described below.

Some examples of reasons to initiate a grievance proceeding (not an exhaustive list)

  • The amount of Rent NYCHA charges per month is wrong
  • Lack of Repairs
  • Refusal to add or remove a family member from a list
  • Lack of reasonable accommodation for a disabled tenant

What cannot be grieved?

  • The outcome of a termination hearing
  • The outcome of a housing court case

How can a tenant initiate a grievance procedure?

Step 1
A tenant can initiate a grievance proceeding by notifying the housing manager in writing of their disagreement with a NYCHA action or inaction. Although according to NYCHA’s materials a tenant can request an informal hearing verbally, it’s always a good idea to have a paper trail, of what was requested and NYCHA’s response.  Tenants should either bring a copy of the letter to the hearing and ask the housing manager to stamp it received or mail the request certified mail to create proof of when NYCHA received their request.

Step 2
If the housing manager does not respond to the request for a grievance or gives an unfavorable response to the tenant’s request, the tenant may request a review by the borough manager; this is sometimes called a “district review” or a second step hearing.
At the second step hearing, the tenant will meet with a representative of the borough management’s office. The borough management may also simply deny the tenant’s request in writing; at this point the tenant can move on to the third step.
A list of the NYCHA Borough Management Offices is located at the bottom of this page.

Step 3
If the tenant is not satisfied with the borough management’s office decision; the next step is to request a formal hearing at NYCHA’s central office.  This request must be made within ten days of the borough management’s decision.

Tenant’s have rights similar to termination hearings

  • The tenant has the right to be represented by an attorney or another person chosen as the tenant’s representative
  • The tenant has a right to review their file before the hearing
  • The tenant has a right to present evidence and witnesses at the hearing
  • The tenant has a right to cross examine NYCHA witnesses

Note: NYCHA will deny a tenant’s request for a grievance hearing if the tenant owes rent, this is a barrier especially for tenant’s that believe the amount of rent is incorrect. This situation will usually will require advocacy.

The Borough Management offices are as follows:

Bronx Borough Management

New York City Housing Authority
Michael Cornelius
2430 Boston Road
Bronx, NY 10467

Brooklyn Borough Management
New York City Housing Authority
Marguerite Mann
816 Ashford Street
Brooklyn, NY 11207

Queens /Staten Island Borough Management
New York City Housing Authority
Carolyn Jasper
90-20 170th Street
Jamaica, NY 11433

Manhattan Borough Management
New York City Housing Authority
Robert Knapp
1980 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10035