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Housing Court Answers offers trainings, workshops and meetings on important housing and Housing Court issues throughout the year. Join our mailing list for announcements about borough meetings and trainings, and our annual spring series.

Annual Conference

Universal Access to Counsel

What the Right to Counsel will look like
in NYC Housing Court

Monday, May 15, 2017
9am to 5pm
at Fordham University School of Law
150 West 62 Street

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Spring Training Series

All workshops will take place at:
40 Worth Street, 6 floor

Please register through the links below.
These workshops are free.

Overview of Housing Court

April 7
Learn what happens in Housing Court: nonpayment cases, holdover cases, and hp actions. This workshop will cover the typical course of an eviction case including how to understand the court papers, how to prepare for the court case, and what defenses a tenant can claim in their case. We will also discuss the types of help that are available and how advocates can help their clients.

Rent Arrears Assistance

April 14
Learn about the types of help that are available to pay back rent for tenants facing eviction. We will learn about public assistance one shot deals, the Family Eviction Prevention Supplement, and charity assistance. We will discuss the criteria for each program and how the application process works.

Rent Regulation 101

April 21
An overview of the rent regulation laws that protect more than 1 million affordable apartments in NYC. We will cover how to tell if an apartment is rent stabilized, how lease renewals and rent increases are calculated, what an MCI is and how it is calculated, and how to read a rent history. We will also hear from the state’s Tenant Protection Unit on how they are collaborating with community groups and holding bad landlords accountable.

Rent Regulation 201

May 5
This workshop will get a little deeper into rent regulation issues. We will discuss succession rights, preferential rents, and MCIs. We will learn the factors involved in making a successful Succession claim. We will also learn the reasons a landlord can charge an MCI and how to challenge it. And, we will hear about preferential rents and learn about the issues that commonly come up with preferential rents. Register here

HP Actions

May 12
How can tenants use HP Actions to get repairs? This workshop will introduce us to a revolutionary new tool to document violations and prepare materials for court. Learn how this new tool is especially useful for tenant organizers and lawyers working with whole buildings. We will also cover getting tenants ready for court and the filing process for both group and individual actions. Then we will talk about the steps to take if the landlord does not respond to the court’s order to make repairs. Register here


May 19
This workshop will explain the Housing Court settlement process and how to read and understand a stipulation. We will hear about how advocates can help prepare tenants to negotiate. We will also discuss the components of a stipulation and what all that legal language really means. Register here

Holdover Cases

June 2
What happens in a Holdover case for eviction when the tenant lives in unregulated housing without a lease? Learn about the types of notice necessary and how they should be served and potential defenses. We will also discuss how tenants can get enough time to move, if they have to, whether tenants will have to pay use and occupancy, and other possible settlement options the tenant could negotiate. We will also briefly discuss holdover cases for tenants in rent regulated and subsidized housing. Register here

NYCHA Termination Hearings and Rent Adjustments

June 9
This workshop will teach you the steps in a Termination of Tenancy proceeding with NYCHA. We will learn about the reasons NYCHA starts a termination of tenancy and how tenants can defend themselves in the hearing. We will also cover how tenants can get their rent adjusted if their income changes. Register here

Illegal Apartments

June 16
This workshop will cover the different types of illegal apartments. We will learn how to find out if the apartment is illegal and what rights the tenant has when living in an illegal apartment. Register here

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Task Force Meetings

We hold trainings in each borough to educate and alert advocates to important issues in the housing and Housing Court world.

Overview of Rental Assistance

March 21 more info

Collaborating Among Service Providers

March 23 more info

Services Provided at Housing Court

March 24 more info

Staten Island:
Rental Assistance Programs

March 28 more info

Rental Assistance Programs

March 29 more info

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